AI Enhancements within Lightroom Classic

Lightroom Classic version 12.3, April 2023 release bring to users AI-powered Denoise and other cool enhancements.

AI technology continues enhancing Lightroom Classic. The April 2023 release in version 12.3 offers one very noticeable change that is burning up the internet articles and YouTube video blogs. This newly enhanced feature is the addition of a DeNoise button.  See the below image.

So what does this new button do?  Adobe unleashed artificial intelligence to now efficiently remove noise from certain RAW photos while preserving all the finer details, as illustrated below.  The magnified image on the left shows the grain found in an ISO 5000 RAW image and the image on the right shows the level of noise removed at the default 50% setting.

What is interesting is that any enhancements made are said as a new DNG file with the file name in this format that looks like this <Original filename-Enhance-NR.DNG> and is stored next to the source image.  Adobe said denoised images will have a badge in Grid and Filmstrip views to easily identify them.  

However, users need to know a few things about the new feature, which are:

  • Denoise can run only on Bayer and X-Trans RAW images.
  • Denoise is now a first enhancement, before applying other post-processing tools.
  • Once applied, you can’t reapply, so it is best to start with a virtual copy.

How does it compare to the other Denoise tools out there?  Here are some YouTube videos that address that question.

Besides Denoise improvements, additions were made in Lightroom Classic with People masks that automatically select facial hair, clothes, and more.  Another improvement in the masking feature is the addition of curve support.

Those wanting to learn a bit more about all of the additions, changes, and enhancements should log onto Adobe’s website to read their posting titled Feature summary | Lightroom Classic (April 2023 release).

Here are some YouTube vloggers covering those changes.

In conclusion, the initial use of the DeNoise feature was impressive. 


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