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What are the membership costs?
Membership runs from June 1 to May 31 of the next year. Dues are pro-rated for new members.
Annual Membership Dues

Membership CategoryYearly Dues
Senior (60 & over)$20
Student (25 & under)$15
Mail Club Membership dues to:

Digital Dimensions and Beyond
P.O. Box 4221
Overland Park, KS. 66204-4221

(make checks payable to Digital Dimensions & Beyond)

When does the club meet?

Club meetings occur on the 3rd Thursday of the month, except in December when no meeting is held.  Meeting hours run from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.  There is a meet and greet period that starts at 6:00 p.m.

Where are meetings held?

The majority of our meetings are held at the Asbury United Methodist Church, located at 5400 West 75th Street, Prairie Village, KS.  Click here for directions.  We meet in the choir rehearsal room which is in the Northwest end of the Church.  Parking is behind the building.  There is an entrance on the North side close to the West end as shown below.  December usually is a no meeting month and in June we try and hold the meeting at a park to coincide with a picnic.

Adding Events to Personal Calendars
Adding Club Events to Your Personal Calendar

Adding events to your personal calendar is easy, but the importing process varys slightly between the calendar app you are using.  The good news is the initial actions are the same for all of them. To start exporting events off of our event page follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Events page on our website.

Step 2. Click to tap the button Add to Calendar, which is the second button from the top right of the events calendar and a drop down list becomes viewable.  For the majority of us, we will click or tap on Google, Apple, or Outlook because these are the three main apps on most of our smartphones.

Now we will address the steps by the type of calendar app you are using in the same order that is seen on the drop down list.

Adding Events to Your Google Calendar

Reminder:  Once you have clicked on the Google icon on your public calendar, your Google Calendar will open on the screen. If you are not logged in into your Google account, a new login page will open on the screen. Just add your Google account credentials to proceed.

If you are logged onto your Google account or after logging on, you should see the below popup box inviting you to add the event to your calendar.  Of course you do that by clicking or tapping on the button Add.

Now check your newly posted event and you should that the event is now part of your calendar and the key event information was copied as shown below.

Adding Events to Your Apple Calendar

If you have an iPhone, iPad or use any Mac device, you may already be familiar with Apple Calendar. To export events from club's event calendar into your Apple Calendar, follow the steps below:

How do I contribute photos to show at club meetings?

Members are welcome to submit photos for showing in the monthly slideshow.  Submitters are encouraged to discuss their photos when they are displayed.  

Submission Guidelines are:

  • Submission limit is no more than 5 images
  • Provide EXIF information, such as, aperture, shutter speed, lens, along with why you feel the image has impact and is enjoyable to you
  • Upload on JPEG formatted images
  • Photo size is constrained to 1600 pixels on long size at 90% high quality
  • Export image with its EXIF data if possible
  • Email images to ddkcslideshow@gmail.com

Another option is to bring hard copies of your photos and share them before and after the meeting at the display table in the foyer.

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