2024 Compendium of Photography YouTube VLOGGERS

YouTube offers photographer's a profusion of videos that can educate, inform, inspire, and instruct on a variety of genres that club members pursue.

YouTube offers photographers a profusion of videos that can educate, inform, inspire, and instruct on a variety of genres that club members pursue.  What follows is a compendium of the popular VLOGGERS divided into the genres and topics that are commonly associated with their endeavor.  Genre and Topics are listed alphabetically after the lead topic of General.  Each genre list has identified channels prioritized by the number of subscribers.  



This section covers a variety of photography channels that have great value but aren’t tied to a photography genre, but photography in general.

  • Peter McKinnon (5.9M subscribers) With one of the largest subscriber bases, Peter teaches about photography and cinematography.
  • PiXimperfect (4.93M subscribers) is one of the best Lightroom and Photoshop resources with over 930 videos.
  • PHLEARN (2.15M subscribers) The most popular vlogger on Photoshop
  • AdoramaTV (1.25M subscribers) AdoramaTV is the preeminent source for videos related to photography, video, and audio.
  • COOPH (1.05M subscribers) This channel is dedicated to providing IY photography tutorials that explain tips, tricks, and hacks.
  • Mango Street (1.06M subscribers) With over 300 photography tutorials and photo challenges, you’ll find a lot of interesting subject matter.
  • Fstoppers (1M subscribers) Fstoppers is a community of photographers, videographers, and other creative professionals focused on sharing reviews, photo tricks and tips, tutorials, and news.
  • B&H Photo (931k subscribers) B&H Photo videos, podcasts, and tutorials show this passion for craft, as well as presenting other artists to present their passion and craft.
  • The Art of Photography (794k subscribers) The Art of Photography is a Ted Forbes channel that provides a 360-degree investigation into the world of making images.  Very interesting individual to hear the talk.
  • Matt Granger (684 subscribers) Looking for a potpourri of photography tips, tricks, and reviews, then this is the channel to subscribe to.
  • Sean Tucker (550k subscribers) An original channel that focuses on the why more than the how, which explains why he is so popular, even though he isn’t a frequent publisher.
  • Jamie Windsor (500k subscribers) A popular channel offering tips, reviews, and techniques.
  • Tyler Stalman (459k subscribers) Shares insights into the creative tools used by professional photographers.
  • DPReview (414 subscribers) This channel boosts as the largest digital camera review channel.  Covers other hardware as well.
  • TheCameraStoreTV (336k subscribers) Looking for camera gear reviews, then subscribe to this channel.
  • Christopher Frost (327k subscribers) On this channel you’ll find independent lens reviews.
  • Pat Kay (264k subscribers) Though he lists himself as a travel photographer, what his channel offers is a lot of photography education that can help you become a better photographer.
  • The School of Photography (224k subscribers) A good source on photography courses.


Abstract Photography

The depiction of a visual image that does not have an immediate association with the object world.

  • Visual Art Photography Tutorials (47.1k subscribers) This is the premier channel in this genre and what makes it good is that he is teaching the creative process.


Adventure Photography

Depicts a visual image that does not have an immediate association with the object world.

  • Expert Vagabond (61.1k subscribers) This channel takes you on journeys into the outdoors of exotic areas often in backpacking areas to capture the splendor.
  • Chris Burkard Studio (48.8k subscribers) A Sony ambassador and Senior Staff Photographer for Surf Magazine, Chris documents his photographic journey as he documents the challenging environment in which we live. His most famous journey was presented in the Ted Talk The Joy of surfing in ice-cold water.
  • Vladimir Adventure Photography (12k subscribers) Travel and adventure are what he documents.


Architecture Photography

Photographs of buildings and similar architectural structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate in terms of representations of their subjects.

  • AT Architectural Photography (9.99k subscribers) Covers everything you need to know to take great pictures and how to make it as a professional.
  • Anthony Turnham (63.4k subscribers) In this learning channel. This link gets you to Anthony’s videos on architecture photography.
  • Steven Brooke (10.5k subscribers) Provides an online course in this channel on this genre. If you want to learn, then this is the channel.
  • Trent Bell Photography (3.19k subscribers) Offers over 184 videos associated with architecture and interior photography, processing, using different cameras, and taking care of your equipment.
  • Christopher Leggett Photography (1.69k subscribers) Provides a lot of content on how to use specialty equipment. Especially, if you want to know about tilt-shift lenses.
  • Garey Gomez (1.04k subscribers) While he doesn’t offer much content, what is there is well worth viewing.



The photography of astronomical bodies and celestial events including stars, the moon, the sun, planets, asteroids, and galaxies.

  • Chuck’s Astrophotography (638k subscribers) Offers over 770 videos on telescopes, cameras, and astrophotography.
  • AstroBackyard (465k subscribers) Provides current content with tutorials, equipment, camera settings, and image processing tips and tricks.
  • Nightscape Images (73.7k subscribers) This channel specializes in landscape astrophotography. Has great tips and tricks.  Covers getting the shot and editing.
  • Ray’s Astrophotography (58.2k subscribers) Mostly provides content on him capturing images and how he got the shot.
  • Galaxy Art Media (47.2k subscribers) Offers a lot of content, but one of the original offerings is Space Art.
  • Wido’s AstroForum (38.4k subscribers) What differs with his channel is that he talks about the gear you can afford and how to use it to get exceptional photos.
  • The Astro Imaging Channel (16.4k subscribers) This is content put together by a group of Astro photographers, who share their tips and tricks with technical procedures.
  • VisibleDark (15.9k subscribers) What makes this channel unique is that it offers Pixinsight image processing and offer tutorials and tips.


Automotive and Car Photography

This genre specializes in capturing the best features of every vehicle to build stunning photographs that speak to the emotions of the viewer.

  • Salinas Photography (193k subscribers) Into trucks and customization photos, then this is the channel.
  • The Car Creative (80.8k subscribers) This is the channel to learn the ins and outs of becoming a professional car photographer.
  • Carspotter Jeroen (50.7k subscribers) This channel is about filming and photographing supercars and sports cars.
  • NotStockPhoto (6.26k subscribers) If you are into original cool cars, then this is the channel for you as he covers how he photographed these cars.
  • Capturing The Machine (18.2k subscribers) Learn how to capture cars like a pro.
  • Doyster (8.06k subscribers) Showcases his craft as a car photographer.


Bird Photography

The pursuit of capturing a definitive photograph of an individual bird as a representation of its species.

  • Mark Smith (937k subscribers) If you are into bird photography, then this guy is popular.
  • Paul Dinning (711k subscribers) With over 2,000 videos. Paul, who is a UK bird photographer also offers videos for cats to watch.
  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology (461k subscribers) With almost 600 videos covering a lot of different topics on birding.
  • Jan Wegener (74.4k subscribers) Offers a lot of tips, tricks, and gear tutorials.
  • My Birding Year (12k subscribers) A UK-based photographer that provides videos about birds, identification, watching songs, calls, and documenting birding trips.
  • Espen Helland (29.4k subscribers) If you are into bird and wildlife photography, then check out this channel. Shoots with an OM-1 Pro.
  • Wildlife Inspired (19.4k subscribers) This US-based bird, nature, and wildlife photographer gives viewers all the ins and outs to have success.
  • Backyard Birds (10.9k) A local bird photographer named Jeff Hansen. States that his channel is dedicated to the birds found my Topeka, KS, and Mitchell, SD properties.
  • Warbler Ridge Birds (1.19k subscribers) A Tennessee-based bird photographer that covers a variety of topics to improve your probability of getting the shot.


Black-and-White or Monochrome Photography

The photographic effort removes any distraction of color and helps the viewer focus on other aspects of the photo, such as the subject, the textures, shapes and patterns, and the composition.


Cityscape Photography

This is a form of landscape photography, but here the landscape is elements of a city to create a compelling image.  Unfortunately, there aren’t any dedicated channels to the genre.

  • Serge Ramelli (644k subscribers) An energetic cityscape and landscape vblogger who also provides a lot of Lightroom, Photoshop, and photography tutorials.


Concert and Music Photography

It is a form of art that captures moments during a performance art.


Drone Photography

Photographic efforts to capture still images and video by a remotely-operated or autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or, more commonly, a drone.

  • Tony & Chelsea Northrup (1.61M subscribers) This embedded link gets you to this channel done videos that cover a lot of information on purchasing and operating.
  • Stewart and Alina (269k subscribers) This channel provides a lot of videos on using drones for photography.
  • Ed Ricker (179k subscribers) has a lot of drone videos


Fashion Photography

This genre focuses on the display of fashion clothing and items.

  • Irene Rudnyk (855k subscribers) A professional fashion photographer who blogs her photo shoots along with tips and tricks.
  • Anita Sadowska (303k subscribers) Fashion photographer who provides in-depth coaching on working with models.
  • Prashant Samtani Photography (47.5k subscribers) Is an India-based celebrity and fashion photographer who posts videos of his photography sessions.
  • Vivienne & Tamas (42.7k subscribers) Covers the fashion sessions that
  • Robert Silver Photograph (7.16k subscribers) All things cameras, lighting, editing, and the business of photography and video production.


Film or Analog Photography

This is a style of photography that utilizes chemical processes to capture an image on film, paper, or even a plate.

  • Grainydays (230 subscribers) A channel about using old cameras and various types of film.
  • Ben Horne (54.3k subscribers) An extraordinarily large-form landscape photographer who primarily posts videos from his trips to Death Valley, Southern Utah, and Zion.  Gives you insights into lesser-seen locations.
  • Nick Carver (108k subscribers) A medium and large format photographer known for creativity in capturing the abstractness and simplicity seen in commercial property and desert scenery.
  • Graincheck (65.7k subscribers) An interesting photographer who uses a lot of different film cameras: 35mm film, medium format film cameras, instant cameras, land cameras, motion picture film, and digital.  See her video My camera collection.
  • Steve O’Nions (34.5k subscribers) A film photographer who primarily shoots landscapes and some urban photography.  The focus is on getting great shots using film.


Fine Art Photography

The pursuit of taking photos purely for their aesthetic and imaginative qualities and valued for their expressiveness.

  • The Art of Photography (794k subscribers) The Art of Photography is a Ted Forbes channel that provides a 360-degree investigation into the world of making images.  Often covers the past photography masters.
  • Brooke Shaden (40.7k subscribers) Discovery the creative art and dialogue of this popular fine art photographer.
  • Martin Osner (12.6k subscribers) Looking to learn the ins and outs of transitioning your work into fine art, printing, and selling.
  • Complicated Things (6.36k subscribers) This educational channel aims to cover the workings of the photo industry.
  • Sarah Ann Loreth (141 subscribers) Only has a small collection of videos. She is a noted conceptual photographer, whose work often looks like images out of a fairytale.


Flower or Plant Photography

The photographic effort to capture their natural beauty effectively for a joyful expression of colors, textures, and shapes.

  • Planet Fungi (95.3k subscribers) Explore the beauty of fungi from accomplished photographer Stephen Axford
  • Lee Hall Photography (12.5k subscribers) Covers topics on flower and macro photography.
  • Dirk Ercken (3.94k subscribers) Into mushroom photography, then check Dirk’s videos.
  • Appelmoes – Art and Photography (2.39k subscribers) Provides videos combining macro, flower, art, and DIY concepts to promote original fine art photography.


Headshot Photography

This is a modern (usually digital) portrait in which the focus is on the person.  

  • Peter Hurley (118k subscribers) Is a portrait photographer that also offers content about headshot photography. 
  • Gary Hughes (9.96k subscribers) This channel is pretty much all about how to be a professional headshot photographer.
  • Studio Builder (4.22k subscribers) This channel insites that it was there to help the viewer develop their professional photography business.
  • Sam Interrante (1.69k subscribers) Offers insight in headshot and portrait photography.


Food Photography

It is a genre of photography that focuses on capturing beautiful, mouth-watering images of food.

  • The Bite Shot (334k subscribers) This is the site to learn food photography. Every Thursday is a new video.  With over 230 videos on food photography, this is truly a taste site.
  • Skyler Burt (264k subscribers) Looking for creative insight into food photography, then this is the channel for you. He covers lighting, time-lapses, using props, and shooting on different surfaces.
  • Lauren Short (38k subscribers) Advertises that she is the All-You-Need food photography trainer. Is actively posting and has over 75 videos all on food photography content.
  • Brooke Lark (11.4k subscribers) Hails from a 100-year-old food photography studio. Besides authoring several cookbooks, she has published a couple of food photography courses.  Here you’ll find content that will improve your skills.


Landscape Photography

Here is a listing of some of the most popular landscape photographer channels on YouTube along with some top videos.

  • Thomas Heathen (554K subscribers) The top YouTuber in this genre who mostly covers landscape photography film and digital photography.  Has a nice camper van that he built.
  • Nigel Danson (471k subscribers) Primarily a landscape photographer, but once in a while does some nature photography.  Great at explaining the shot and with post-processing.
  • Mark Denney (270k subscribers) Does w really good job of talking through getting the picture and post-processing techniques.
  • Mads Peter Iversen (209k subscribers) is popular because he creates inspiring and informative videos on landscape photography where he shares his process behind getting the shot along with composition tips and post-processing techniques.
  • First Man Photography (161k subscribers) A UK landscape photographer that provides great content in a variety of challenging situations.
  • Nick Page (152 subscribers) A West Coast landscape photographer who also provides videos on seascapes and storm chasing, especially lighting storms.
  • Michael Shainblum (115k subscribers) An amazing landscape photographer who often teams up with the others on this list.  Great at isolating down to the essence of the shot.
  • Andy Mumford (98.8k subscribers) Popular landscape and travel photographer who is an excellent educator and often presents in international locations.
  • fototripper (80.7k subscribers) Gavin Hardcastle is the creative genius behind that provides a humous experience in his videos while offering a great educational experience.
  • Adam Gibbs (71.4k subscribers) Is a popular landscape and nature photographer who works out of Vancouver Island and has a passion for photographing trees.
  • Ben Horne (54.3k subscribers) An extraordinarily large-form landscape photographer who primarily posts videos from his trips to Death Valley, Southern Utah, and Zion.  Gives you insights into lesser-seen locations at these majestic locations.


Macro or Close-Up Photography

Is the pursuit to take close-up photographs of tiny insects or objects with images that result in the subject being life-size or larger.

  • Micael Widell on Photography (96.3k subscribers) With over 330 videos, Micael shares a lot of content that will make you a better macro photographer.
  • Stewart Wood (43k subscribers) Covers a variety of topics, equipment, tricks, and tips.
  • Lee Hall Photography (12.5k subscribers) Covers topics on flower and macro photography


Pet Photography

Photographic efforts to immortalize a pet’s personality, character, habits, and other memorable moments.  It is the most popular form of photography on social media.

  • That Tog Spot (44.5k subscribers) is a professional dog photographer covering a variety of topics.
  • Dingle Days (4.05k subscribers) This channel is about working with dogs, but what makes this worth viewing is that there is a lot of content on dog photography, including how to teach a dog to poise.
  • Inspawration Photography (3.45k subscribers) This channel offers videos that cover photography and post-processing tips and tricks. Not just a dog photography channel.
  • Pro Pet Photog – Monque Renee (2.4k subscribers) She offers a lot of dogs and cats and is a good resource for pet photographers.
  • Photography for the REST of us (1.52k subscribers) This is a great site for pet photography basics and more advanced techniques.
  • Brittany Rose Petography LLC (714 subscribers) Viewers can expect to see drone footage, tutorials, tricks and tips, and more.
  • Joanne Wetzel (613 subscribers) As the title states in her channel header this is all about the business of pet photography. However, you will get some good videos on actually photographing animals.
  • AGoldPhoto Pet Photography Studio (583 subscribers) is an informative YouTube channel that covers topics such as pet photography, dog photography, how to photograph dogs, studio dog photography, and running a dog photo shoot.
  • PetsPhotography (450 subscribers) A YouTube channel created by photographer Richie Schwartz that showcases stunning pet photography from www.petsphotography.com, with a variety of animals captured through the lens.
  • Unleash Pet Photography (269 subscribers) A great resource for pet owners seeking high-quality pet photography. Covers her mobile pet photography studio.


Portrait Photography

Portraiture is a type of photography aimed at capturing the personality of a person or group of people by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses.

  • Jessica Kobeissi (1.9M subscribers) Looking for all the ends and out of portrait photography and working with models.
  • Irene Rudnyk (855k subscribers) A professional photographer who offers a lot of videos explaining shooting and processing portrait photography sessions.
  • Manny Ortiz (707k subscribers) With a lot of content, he covers the gear that he uses and what he likes and dislikes about them.
  • Julia Trotti (603k subscribers) A Sydney-based portrait photographer who combines her genre with other types of photography, like street, landscape, and travel.
  • Visual Education (573k subscribers) With over 541 videos, this channel offers a lot of content on various topics about portrait photography.
  • Julie Powell (467 subscribers) offers a lot of content on still life and creative portraits.
  • Miguel Quiles (284k subscribers) A Florida Sony commercial portrait photographer who gives a lot of gear reviews along with tips and tricks.
  • Kayleigh June (98.4k subscribers) Listed as a fashion and beauty photographer is listed here because her channel offers a lot of content suitable for portrait photographers.
  • Jiggie Alejandrino (89.9k subscribers) is another Sony commercial portrait and wedding photographer. Though his channel mostly covers topics on portrait photography tips and techniques, once in a while he does cover wedding photography.
  • NBP Retouch Training + Tools (40.5k subscribers) Free retouching tutorials for portrait artists of all experience levels, beginner to pro. Covers industry-grade retouching plugins such as FC3, SKN, and CMX2, and Actions for Adobe Photoshop, and Capture One Pro.
  • Vipin Gaur (29.6k subscribers) Covers a variety of topics and reviews on portrait photography.


Product Photography

It is photographing products to display, promote, and highlight certain features of a product.

  • Peter McKinnon (5.9M subscribers) With one of the largest subscriber bases, Peter teaches about photography and cinematography. However, he has numerous videos on product photography.
  • Skyler Burt (264k subscribers) Looking for creative insight into food and product photography, then this is the channel for you. He covers lighting, time-lapses, using props, and shooting on different surfaces.
  • Chris Pieta (67.2k subscribers) Basically about getting your commercial photography business going along with covering being a product photographer.
  • Luke Ayers (55.6k subscribers) Offers a lot of content on how to photograph products.
  • Hypop (45.7k subscribers) Offers a few videos on product photography and a lot of videos on studio gear.
  • Amanda Campeanu (41.5k subscribers) Offers 133 videos covering all sorts of techniques from behind-the-scenes tutorials, lighting concepts, business tips, and of course photo tips.
  • Zac Sopak (25.6k subscribers) Provides a lot of content on post-processing and a few videos on taking product photos.
  • BidPixel (2.39k subscribers) Interesting channel for product photography.


Smartphone Photography

Phoneography is the act, and process of photographing with your smartphone in either portrait or landscape mode.

  • iPhone Photography School (784k subscribers) iPhone users would be foolish to not subscribe to this channel.
  • MountMedia (116k subscribers) Provides videos on using handheld devices that you can mount to record content. Mostly is about videography, but does have a series on using various smartphones.
  • Shayne Mostyn – Mobile Photography (82.5k subscribers) As the name suggests, Shayne’s channel is dedicated to mobile photography, where he shares how-to videos on landscape, astro, portrait photography, and cinematic videography on iPhones and Androids.
  • Kohki Yamaguchi (78.4k subscribers) If you are looking to use a Sony Xperia, then this is your channel.
  • Steven Divish (65.8k subscribers) Provides a lot of reviews of current smartphones.
  • How to Mobile Photo (62.4k subscribers) Addresses a variety of more complex photography techniques like HDR sunset photography or tilt-shift landscape images. Well worth the review.
  • Photos with Phones (2.88k subscribers) Covers add-on gear, photo guides, and app reviews.
  • Smartphone Photography Training (1.99k subscribers) This content provider concentrates on how to help mobile phone users create interesting photos.


Sports Photography

It is a type of photography that covers every sport and sporting event, capturing the action of a game and behind the scenes of the players.

  • Danny Gevirtz (297k subscribers) He is a sports cinematographer. Has over 197 videos on filmmaking.
  • Beyond the Game (71k subscribers) This channel is devoted to helping aspiring sports videographers.
  • Rob Sambles (22.3k subscribers) A professional Canon sports photographer who provides a great deal of videos providing advice and coaching on various topics all to help the viewer become a better sports photographer.
  • PM-R TV (17.5k subscribers) A Sony professional sports photographer and videographer, whose channel covers a lot of Sony gear used for sports photography.
  • Jordan Jimenez (17.5k subscribers) A sports photographer who blogs about basketball photography.
  • Jack Beasley (13.1k subscribers) Offers tips and advice on sports and event photography gear, camera settings, tools, and techniques.
  • On Sports Photography with Peter Read Miller (12.5k subscribers) Learn from a former 35-year staff photographer for Sports Illustrated.
  • Mark Kerton (11k subscribers) A UK sports photographer who posts content about soccer or more UK football.
  • Jerry Lai (9.51k subscribers) A sports staff photographer for a large newspaper who has covered a lot of different sports including several Olympics provides insider information that every sports photographer yearns to know.
  • Cal So Scoped (8.96k subscribers) With over 610 videos on this channel you’ll find tutorials on all sorts of sports memorabilia.
  • Matt Hernandez (7.38k subscribers) Offers a lot of tips and covers post-processing techniques.
  • Paul Rutherford (4.49k subscribers) is devoted to helping viewers become better sports photographers through tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes insights.
  • Talru Film & Photo (2.87k subscribers) As posted on his channel, he offers tutorials and vlogs about sports photography, photography equipment, and videography.
  • David Ribeiro (2.09k subscribers) Covers a variety of sports, how to cover those sports, and how to improve your content.
  • Derek Livingston (1.7k subscribers) A Midwest-based photographer and videographer that primary is a freelance sports photographer at Pittsburg State University.


Still Life Photography

It is a genre of fine art photography that focuses on an inanimate subject matter, either natural or man-made to create fine art images.


Storm Photography

It is a weather-based endeavor to celebrate how our complex atmosphere expresses light and color.

  • Reed Timmer (883k subscribers) An extreme meteorologist and storm chaser channel.
  • Emeric (54k subscribers) Talks about timelapse photography as it relates to storm chasing.


Street Photography

It is photography conducted for art or inquiry that features unmediated chance encounters and random incidents within public places.

  • Zeno Watson (999 subscribers) 54 videos of pure street videos.
  • Pierre T. Lambert (698k subscribers) Combines travel, street, and adventure photography with an international flair.
  • Faizal Westcott (221k subscribers) Faizal is a true street photographer, who offers a lot of tricks, tips, and insights.
  • Samuel Streetlife (140k subscribers) Provides content on street and documentary photography. His content includes POV street videos and walking interviews with some of the best street photographers in the world.
  • Frederik Trovatten (97.1k subscribers) He is a street photographer who explains how he uses digital and film.
  • Street Level Photography (38.1 subscribers) Great for finding reviews of books, photographic products, video tutorials, and photo galleries.
  • EYExplore (33.2k subscribers) A Japan-based street photographer that uses a concept called street zone.
  • Eren Sarigul (30.7k subscribers) is a self-taught photographer who travels the world documenting city life, lifestyle, and streets offering tricks, tips, and insights.
  • Street View with Rupert Vandervell (13.7k subscribers) Promotes his channel as fine art street photography.
  • Sean P. Durham Fine Art Street Photography (1.28k subscribers) While it is mostly content on street photography, he does cover his second passion of taking stills.


Travel Photography

It is a genre of photography to document an area’s landscape, people, cultures, customs, and history.

  • Ankit Bhatia (910k subscribers) Documents his travels using a variety of tools.
  • Pierre T. Lambert (698k subscribers) Combines travel, street, and adventure photography with an international flair.
  • Pat Kay (264k subscribers) Though he lists himself as a travel photographer, what his channel offers is a lot of photography education that can help you become a better photographer.
  • Brendan van Son (173k subscribers) He provides a behind-the-scenes look into the day in the life of a travel photographer wherever taking pictures.
  • Roman Fox (114k subscribers) Enjoy a blog about travel and photography. He also likes to put together travel photography guides of popular street photographers.
  • Joelsantosphot (4.71k subscribers) A former winner of Travel Photographer of the Year in 2016.
  • Trina & Pierre (35.8k subscribers) Documented traveling to 12 countries in 12 months.


Underwater Photography

The process of taking photographs while under water. It is usually done while scuba diving, but can be done while diving on surface supply, snorkeling, swimming, from a submersible or remotely operated underwater vehicle, or from automated cameras lowered from the surface.

  • Kate Jonker Underwater Photography (376k subscribers) She offers content on how to shot underwater covering numerous topics.
  • Nadia Aly Underwater (174k subscribers) She provides content about dive trips she takes.
  • Scuba Diver Magazine (30.7k subscribers) This is the magazine’s YouTube site aimed at helping scuba divers become better at their passion.
  • Backscatter Underwater Video & Photo (17.6k subscribers)   This is the channel hosted by this company which is a leading supplier of underwater imaging equipment.
  • Brent Durand (11.5k subscribers) This channel is a collection of underwater photo tutorials, tips and underwater camera gear information. 
  • Insider Divers (5.57k subscribers) This channel was established to promote their drive company and offer content on full spectrum of underwater photography.
  • CaymanJason (4.04k subscribers) He states that this channel is all about underwater photography.
  • The Aquatic Eye (3.24k subscribers) This channel aims to cater to amateur underwater photographers.
  • Ikelite Underwater Systems (3.14k subscribers) This is a manufacturer of underwater imaging equipment.
  • Wetpixel (2.67k subscribers) Offers 302 videos striving to meet the their objective of supporting underwater image makers.
  • Engbretson Underswater Photography (1.69k subscribers) Viewers can learn more about freshwater fish, how to use various fishing baits, and different fishing techniques, particularly bass and walleye fishing.


Wedding Photography

It is a specialty in photography that is primarily focused on photographing events and activities relating to weddings and marriage renewals.

  • The Wedding Story (379k subscribers) Provides solid advice on making a wedding story.


Wildlife Photography

This genre of photography focuses on the life of animals in their natural settings, like in a forest or underwater.

  • Morten Hilmer (516 subscribers) A Denmark adventure, nature, and wildlife photographer.
  • Stefano laniro (511k subscribers) This unique nature photographer lives in a wildlife homestead in the backwoods of Quebec and offers insights into things you can do to attract wildlife to the shooting site.
  • Simon d”Entremont ((362k subscribers) A wildlife, nature, and astrophotographer from Nova Scotia, Canada. The content on his channel includes various topics such as camera techniques, composition, editing tricks, and behind-the-scenes of his wildlife and nature shoots.
  • Steve Perry (249k subscribers) Steve’s channel is referred to as the Backcountry Gallery. This channel offers nature photographers a lot of tips and tricks for this genre.
  • Dipankar Bakshi Photography (246k subscribers) This is promoted as an Indian Hindi Photography channel for Specially Wildlife and Bird Photography enthusiasts. However, his has a mixed content with the Hindi videos marked.
  • Duade Paton (76.6k subscribers) Is a nature and wildlife photographer living in rural Australia.
  • Trond Westby (43.9k subscribers) Another adventurer who loves capturing wildlife that lives in Norway.
  • Paul Miguel Photography (39.5k subscribers) Looking for a channel that takes you on wildlife adventures and explains the journey, then check out this channel.
  • Espen Helland (29.4k subscribers) If you are into bird and wildlife photography, then check out this channel. Shoots with an OM-1 Pro.
  • Steve Mattheis (29.1k subscribers) is Based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Steve gets you out in the wilderness to share with his viewers the majestic wildlife in awesome scenery.
  • Tom Mason (26.9k subscribers) Based out of London, this is a Nikon photographer who provides a lot of gear reviews.
  • Wildlife Inspired (19.4k subscribers) This US-based bird, nature, and wildlife photographer gives viewers all the ins and outs to have success.
  • Klaus Tiedge Fine Art Photography (18.9 subscribers) A South African-based wildlife photographer who documents his photo safaris to give you an insight into what to expect, should you travel to Africa on a photo safari.
  • Wild Eye (8.9k subscribers) Planning an African photo safari and want photo tips about the wildlife in this area, then this is the channel for you.
  • BWoodPhotography (2.23k subscribers) A Montana-based photographer who claims to showcase one-of-a-kind photos and videos that remind us that our world is full of extraordinary, awe-inspiring wonders.


Woodland Photography

It is a subset of landscape photography that focuses on intimate forest scenes rather than sweeping landscapes or vistas by isolating a subject to keep the viewers’ attention.

  • Adam Gibbs (71.4k subscribers) Is a popular landscape and nature photographer who works out of Vancouver Island and has a passion for photographing trees.
  • Simon Baxter (67k subscribers) Don’t let this number shy you away, this is one of the top landscape photographers that concentrates on woodland. If photographing trees is your interest, then this is a channel you should watch.


Closing Comment

What you won’t see is any listing of videos on a genre or topic.  If the above listing doesn’t offer the desired content, then YouTube offers a cool tag feature that allows you to find individual videos on a genre.  To try this out, just this search tag reference #macrophotography.  Hopefully, then between these two options, you’ll be able to find YouTube content that can help you with your photography pursuit.

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