Sony A9III Breakthrough Global Shutter

Sony's breakthrough technology with the Global Shutter will change the camera industry.

Just Announced Breakthrough Technology!

Sony a9 III announcement is blowing up the photography media channels because with the camera comes breakthrough technology — the World’s first full-frame mirrorless camera with a global shutter.  What is a global shutter, you may ask?  In the simplest terms it is when all sensor pixels are recorded simultaneously.  Currently, all mirrorless camera shutters employ a rolling shutter.  If you want to learn more about the difference between these two shutter technology check out Teledyne Photometrics’s informative article Rolling vs Global Shutter.  With each pixel being read simultaneously, Sony’s new sensor gives a true “Snapshot” exposure mode through its “freeze frame” capture.  This also means no mechanical shutter.  Sony’s product news release summarize the benefit the best by stating it as captures all decisive moments with up to 120 frames per second high-speed shooting, distortion-free and blackout-free images, and flash sync at all shooting speeds.

This upgrade in the Sony a9 product brings to the action photographer significantly greater probability of getting that great moment.  This is especially true when the photographer half presses the shutter release button, which activates another cool new feature called Pre-Capture.  If this has sparked your interest then here is Sony’s detailed product information link.  Or check out these other links from Sony:

Here are a few other links worth checking out.  Keep in mind that product release was two days ago and most reviewers haven’t had a chance to get a review camera.  So expect more information to come and provide their first look opinion.  Therefore at this moment, check out these other videos:

As always, thanks for taking the time to read the blog and hopefully this provides to be a worthwhile post.  Keep shooting!.

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