Kaw Point Night Photography

Kaw Point offers photographers an unique location to capture a dominant cityscape with city lights reflecting upon a wide river base in the foreground.

Wildlife Photographer’s Free eBook

In a Nigel Danson YouTube video, he introduced Rachel Bigsby a wildlife photographer noted both for her efforts in the preservation of wildlife and her fine-art work with seabirds. Nigel’s YouTube video Pro BIRD PHOTOGRAPHER SHARES HER SECRET TIPS with me provided an introduction to this Rachel, where she shared some of her insights. Two […]

Orchid Delighting

A delightful morning can only be the conclusion for those that were present at the Powell Gardens. This was a Saturday morning field trip that was participated by many.  So members should get ready to see those images in our April member’s photo show.  In the mean time, here is a listing of posts from […]

Our New Buddy Program

The Buddy Program pairs two to three club members together each month to go out together.

Composition & Layout in Photographic Illustration

composite illustration presentation

The editing of a photograph is actually the process of creating an illustration. Adobe Bridge unleashes the ability to rapidly find photos. Quick mask is a powerful tool that we really should use more often.

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