Urban Sketch Photoshop Action

Urban Sketch is an interesting PhotoShop Action that has been showcased by Stephen Rogers.

For the past few months, Stephen Rogers has showcased the interesting Urban Sketch photoshop action that is available through Envato Market by IndWorks.  Perhaps members might remember seeing this image by Stephen Rogers just this last club meeting.

Rogers, Stephen

Then thanks to Andrew McDonald’s Facebook posting the next day that provided the link to get this action along with sharing a couple of example images like the following on how he used it.   

Andrew McDonald

So if this tweaks your interest on whether you would consider purchasing it, here is some information that may help you decide on whether you should purchase it.  Like purchase cost is $9 with a $1 handling fee.  So $10 gets you this action. The other item worth knowing is that there is some great information on how to use it on Envato Market product page, including this informative YouTube video

They also provide in the download this help pdf that walks through installing the action and using it.

Finally it is worth knowing that besides this action, IndWorks has a lot of similar products that are worth considering.  So check out their website at IndWorks Design.  And don’t forget to thank Stephen Rogers for introducing us to this product.

Picture of Club Member

Club Member

Information provided in this blog was provided by a club member

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