Sony A7RV Guides and Setup Resources

This post covers where Sony A7RV users can find guides and resources to take they skill to the next level.

Those Sony users that have or are planning to upgrade to the Sony A7RV should take a look at these links and listed resources.  

Here are the Sony Corporation released products.  

Alpha Shooters has released this informative blog titled Best Sony A7R V Memory Cards With Speed & Buffer Tests.  This blog covers speed and buffer tests on CFexpress Type-A cards and 13 of the most popular UHS-II SD cards.

Colby Brown Photography has published on the web a pretty useful blog titled The Complete Setup Guide for the Sony A7R V.  Besides walking you through settings you should consider in tuning your camera, it also adds supplemental information about add on products you might want to consider.

For those of you that have a Kindle Unlimited account, then there are a few books available on the Sony A7R V.  Here are the title of some of books that are available.

Sony Digital Imaging Ambassador for Australia, Mark Galer offers a few of the following useful resources that are worth considering.  At least one resource will require you to temporarily pay for a $10 per month for a Patron premium service membership, which you only keep for one month to download all the content you have interest in.

  • Focus Bracking post on Mark Galer’s website and supporting YouTube video demonstrating the technique.  This is a free YouTube video.
  • AI Subject Recognition – A7RV.  Provides an in depth review of the first Alpha to feature a Dedicated AI Processing Unit to help with Autofocus.  This is a free YouTube video.
  • A7RV eBook, which is a 600-page PDF format eBook that provides you with custom setups for your camera.  Getting this eBook gives you dozens of links to educational movies and articles that will help you master your creative and technically skills with this excellent camera.  This eBook is only available to Patron member.

Finally there are some YouTube vlogs that will assist you with learning how to maximize the Sony A7RV for your photographic interests.  These videos are only listed due to their unique subject title.

With hope these resources will assist you in your effort to enhance your photography skills.


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