Our New Buddy Program

The Buddy Program pairs two to three club members together each month to go out together.

Introducing the Digital Dimensions and Beyond Buddy Program!  This is recently new club activity adapted from another club’s popular program.   

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for the Buddy Program each month you want to participate at that month’s club meeting or email buddy@ddandb.org prior to the club meeting (please use a subject line of DD&B Buddy Program).  Please provide your name and a current email address.
  • Your signup request needs to be received each month that you want to participate and needs to be received by Thursday night’s meeting night. The Buddy groups will then be assigned and the participants notified by email on Friday, the day after the meeting. 
  • Our club’s coordinator will randomly pair all the participants into groups of two or three depending on the number of participants.  Every attempt will be made to pair each participant up with a different participant each month.
  • The club’s coordinator will notify each participant by email on Friday following the meeting with your Buddy and their email address.
  • Each individual Buddy group is responsible for then contacting the fellow Buddies in your group.  
  • As individual groups, you will decide on a photo op of your choosing.  Locations, days and time are all up to each individual group.  The field is wide open!  Some ideas to get you started:
    • Area parks or lakes
    • Special events
    • Downtown KC
    • Farmers Markets
    • Nighttime photography
    • Your favorite location
    • Light painting
    • Still life
    • You could even use the opportunity as a mentoring session
    • Feel free to invite other Buddy groups into your Buddy group for your outing
  • Show your work!!  Submit your images from your Buddy outing at the following meeting.  Follow the club’s current guidelines for Show and Tell submissions.
  • The Digital Dimensions and Beyond Camera Club is only responsible for the coordination and assignment of the Buddy Program groups.  Participation is a voluntary monthly activity and not a member requirement.  Any costs incurred for admission fees, gas, and/or other expenses, etc. must be at the agreement of the individual participants and solely the responsibility of the individual participants.

We hope you find the Buddy Program to be fun and enriching as you meet and get to know the DD&B members!  Look for changes in our website to make signing up easier.

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